Pico Premium


Dermatology treatment has long attempted to find the surgical procedure equipment that can realize the merit of INVASIVE treatment effect simultaneously… As part of this effort, combination of advantages from the treatment principle of MICRONEEDLE STAMP and THERMAGE (known to be epitome of non-operative FACIAL-LIFTING.
Thanks to higher peak power, PICO Premium can treat all kinds of tattoos and pigment lesions more faster and easier.
Thermal damage on the skin can be considerably reduced by using ultra pulse laser beam. Microsys installed high quality Galvano moror for the fast, precise and safe treatment. Also the treatment method is very convenient because it can adjust beam density and size with easy.
Marvelous Q-Max provides satisfactory results by the effective removing treatment at almost every pigment troubles.it can remove the targeted pigments selectively but very little damage to the dermis and epidermis .Our PTP mode make the patient feel little pain and the skin regenerate sooner.
Laser beam is transferred through fiber to the wanted area precisely without energy loss. So, it is very convenient to use and the treatment time can be quite shorten. Cryo Cooling system is installed. So, it can treat patients without pain and also, downtime can be sharply shortened.

Pico Premium

Pico Second Laser System – Pico Premium Advantage

Super ultra short pulsed width

The Real PICO

Low risk of side effect.



PICO Premium
Wavelength & Operating Mode
1064nm / 532nm
585nm / 650nm / 595nm / 660nm
Pulse Energy
Max. 550mj
Max. 250mj
Max. 150mj
Max. 100mj
Pulse Width
Nd : YAG
Spot Size
2~10mm, (1064 / 532nm)
2mm -3mm
(585 / 650nm / 595 / 660)
Pulse Rate
Max. 2Hz -10Hz
585 / 650 : 1 -2 Hz
Aiming Beam
Diode 650nm
Optional Handpiece
Dye Hand Piece (585, 650nm / 595,660nm)Fractional Handpiece